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The Toronto Raptors sit atop the NBA's Eastern Conference... Yet all the focus is in LeBron and his Cavs teammates . They have pieces but Toronto sits in top. I saw it. .
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The LA Lakers Short-Term and Long-Term (from 2015)

Finally.  The NBA preseason has been underway as teams are pacing and spacing the floor.  This newer, faster, smaller, NBA basketball overall is a tad different than the way the game was played a decade or two ago.  A lot more "European", if that makes any sense (you'd have to watch the Euro/ACB Leagues or Olympics a lot).  Teams are living by the 3, deciding not to take that long two-point shot, and playing smaller for a majority of the games as a result of the Warriors winning the title in that fashion. With the game ever evolving and team elements increasing, one can't help but wonder what will become of the Lakers in future years.

So how will the men in purple and gold fair this year?  Is it fair to expect them to make the playoffs?

Sadly, even as a big Laker fan, I do not see playoff games again this season.  Luckily, that doesn't bother me as the Lakers finally have a nice young core group of players full of untapped potential, as
well as Kobe's expiri…

2015 NBA Draft Player Projections - #2 D'Angelo Russel

The surprise pick of the 2015 draft wasn't the Timberwolves taking athletic 7 footer Towns, who had been projected as the top pick in nearly every mock draft, but rather the Lakers stirred up the entire lottery and draft picking one and done Point-Guard D'Angelo Russel with the 2nd overall pick. Every projection had Towns going first with the other 7 footer Jahill Okafor going next, while Russel was in the top 3 picks anywhere up to near the 10 pick on all the mock drafts going in.

As a Laker fan, though extremely objective, I did hope the Lakers would take either Russel or Muiday, a future PG with size that complements young Jordan Clarkson, last years 2nd round pick of the Lakers who made All Rookie First Team and finished the year with a bang. Russel, like Clarkson, is a 6'5'' tall and long point-guard who can also play the 2 spot as well. Other than their similar sizes and ability for the Lakers to start the 2 guys together with a 3 guard lineup (because of t…

The 2015-2016 NBA Season Preview

Alright, I haven't been writing or blogging much about the NBA much in the past year... well I'm back, stronger than ever and with a mission!  Anyhow, this 2015 off-season has been quite unpredictable to some degree, and with all the great player movement this summer it seems as if the upcoming season might be one of the most competitive ones in years, possibly ever.

Aside from the Philadelphia 76'ers (whom have a bright future), I can't say there is any other team that is a standout "awful 20 win max team".  League parity, as Adam Silver and the Collective Bargaining Agreement signed to end the strike a few years back has now been fully implemented, and it appears to be working flawlessly.  No longer do the big markets own free agency like they once did, no longer do owners have teams in small markets with tiny caps (actually they have to have 85% of the cap on players otherwise they will be in trouble after one season).

This has all resulted in a couple dif…

Jordan and Kobe? Pippen and Lebron?

In the 6 seasons that Michael Jordan was able to capture an NBA Championship and Finals MVP he was always known as "the best ever".  Now just because I am a Laker fan does not mean I'm trying to take anything away from the best Shooting-Guard to ever play the game (especially in his and this era; I'll throw Jerry West in there but he's 60's/70's and was sort of that combo guard type.

So I'll just state it quickly.  I believe Kobe is one of the best to ever play, key word "was", but I also don't think he's ever quite been on the level of the great Mike.  Or do the stats just make Jordan look so much better?  After some analysis and deep thought, it seems I've realized how much credit we as a collective fan-base of the NBA tend to give both Michael Jordan and then coach Phil Jackson. It seems that then Scottie Pippen is the subject discussed. I do believe we ought to at least look at it all objectively.

Kobe couldn't take medi…

Los Angeles Lakers flying under the NBA radar?

While I write about all of basketball objectively, I know my home team Los Angeles Lakers are secretly flying under the NBA radar, especially in the Western Conference this season.  Sure, their plan is to build for next season (through trades, cap space and/or draft picks) all options for them this season, as well as making the playoffs... but "IF HEALTHY" is key there.  Boozer will be a good offensive teacher for Julius Randle who's probably been way overlooked by most top 10 picks because of his NBA ready body and skillset on both ends.  Having a veteran like Boozer can teach him some good stuff, as well as Hill, but of course Boozer defense is to not be copied....  

Randle could easily end up as the starting PF after 20 or so games and be a 16 point, 10 rebound, 3-5 assists, 1+steal, 1+block, solid all around player that does it all.  Just get that mid-range improved (as I am sure he is) and he will be a stud, possible ROTY.... he's been overlooked, I think he wa…

GameFLY FREE Month XBOX PS4 Wii BluRay 360 PS3

Buy One Month, Get One FREE!

I keep getting brand new games, I love it so far, as you can rent Xbox One and PS4 games as well as 360 and PS3, Wii and WiiU, and now they also do BLU-RAYS and DVD rentals.  Having a 1 game package is where to start, but if you like to game and try different games (rather than risk buying a bad game) Gamefly is a great company, and with 2 discs out at a time I always have a game (or Blu Ray, though I stick with One games so far mostly).  
I had Sleeping Dogs in my Game Q on the site and happened to start my account the day it came out for sale.  I had it the next day from Gamefly in the mail, and could "Keep" it for $50 bucks ($60 most brand new games), which is a nice way to get your new games cheaper.  You also earn points and status with Gamefly the longer you are with them as well as the points accumulated from either "Keeping" rented games or "Buying" games from them at a 10%+ discount always.  
I've had it before, t…